project idea

photographing queer femme relationships in their many diverse iterations. what they are always is a dedication, an exploration of self and a beautiful bond that deserves more representation and uplifting by imagery in our social climate. this project will amplify touch, interactions, communication. coziness, playfulness, and the seriousness that all play into a multifaceted relationship.


you are a part of a queer femme relationship (women-loving-women, NB person-loving-NB/femme, etc) who is down for beautiful, soft images to be photographed by me (a queer woman) and seen by over a thousand people. i’d encourage accepting to this project with an unflinchingly strong and HEALTHY bond and confidence that you’ll be together for a while (we all can hope, of course!). PLAYFUL. fashionable and not too shy for the cam.

let’s plan!

please let me know when you’re available & free to shoot in the new york and new jersey area

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