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Copy Writing Examples

Jezebel on Facebook: In my 2.5 years at Jezebel, starting as an associate at Gizmodo and being promoted to Social Editor of Jezebel, I have crafted new sides to a classic voice of the iconic Feminist title.

Jezebel on Instagram: During my formative time at Jezebel, I've greatly increased the engagement and our visibility on Instagram. With quick-witted, casual copy, I've allowed it to be a rare space on the internet where news isn't always presented as pretty.

Product editorial writing: Streetwear and fashion writing has always been a first love of mine. I have constructed seamless copy for various sites, like this above for MISSBISH, that elevate a typical press release into a story focused on passion.

The social copywriting I worked on for Raybern's is a part of their most engaged content.

As copywriter at GRADIENT EXPERIENTIAL, I incorperated pop culture-relevant copy to elevate the fun, photoshop-heavy posts for our client Raybern's Sandwiches.

Well-informed copywriting was essential for client Terlato Wines via GRADIENT EXPERIENTIAL.

Among their top performing copy to date were posts written and consulted by me.

Content Management

As the US Content Marketing Manager at MPB,

I've had my hands in many pots – writing and editing blog and social copy, scheduling and publishing copy, sourcing photography, photo editing, content strategy, implementing SEO best practices, producing videos, writing educational and promotional video scripts, and influencer marketing.

for a la carte copy, content and social services, reach out.

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